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in a new light

As you know, your favourite Nicolaus Vodka is constantly innovating and releasing unique limited editions. The latest edition continues this originality, and is characterised by improved packaging as well as the contents. This ALUxury Edition will attract everyone who wants to show themselves in a new light.

Made from rye

Nicolaus Vodka is defined by extra delicate taste. The new limited edition is no different. Only this time the delicacy is achieved with rye – considered the highest quality ingredient for vodka. Rye vodkas are among the world’s purest and highest-quality vodkas. And that’s why we’ve made a new edition from grain grown in cool foothill regions.

A place on the team

We want even demanding consumers to be satisfied, so we’ve changed the packaging too. As well as luxury in its name, ALUxury Edition also refers to aluminum. The new limited edition’s aluminum bottle gives a luxurious look which elevates it to premium vodka level. We’re confident that its design will ensure the ALUxury Edition stands out in shops and at every great party.

UV in the dark

A unique feature of the new limited edition is the playful use of UV ink. In the dark and under UV light, the bottle lights up in an amusing way. So the new limited edition is perfect for everyone seeking to discover new tastes, and the opportunity to make every party special.

Luxury passion Mule

6 cl ALUxury Vodka
2 cl Giffard passion fruit syrup
1.5 cl Lime juice
Lime slices
Pinch of salt
10 cl Franklin&Sons Ginger beer
Ice cubes

Garnish: Mint, passion fruit
Serving glass: Mule mug

ALU Rose Collins

4 cl ALUxury Vodka
1.5 cl Lime juice
2 cl Giffard syrup Rose
1,5 cl Campari
Gold glitter

Garnish: Lime zest
Serving glass: Long drink glass

A – Lux Berry prosecco

5 cl ALUxury Vodka
2 cl Giffard Fruit for mix Raspberry (raspberry puree)
10 cl Prosecco
5 cl Soda

Garnish: Raspberries, mint
Glass: Wine glass

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