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Zafir vodka fľaša

Secret Limited

Sapphire Edition

Nicolaus Vodka regularly offers fresh limited editions with unique designs. The newest is the Sapphire Edition, which is filtered through sapphire crystals and shungite stone. We’ll reveal its secret in this blog.

Impressive sapphire crystal

The sapphire gemstone is characterised by its beautiful, bluish color and unique luster. This rare mineral has also lent its shade to the new limited Sapphire Edition, giving off a mysterious yet attractive impression.

Rare shungite stone

Shungite is a natural mineral found in the rural settlement of Shunga in Russia’s Karelia region. The stone has been known for its natural cleansing effects for centuries, including to Russian soldiers, who used the mineral to fight in Tsar Peter I’s army: they were ordered to always carry shungite on them and to only drink water after it had been filtered through this mineral. Shungite later inspired scientists to apply its unique properties to producing Nicolaus Vodka Sapphire.

Made using a unique method

Nicolaus Vodka Extra Fine is filtered through 24 unique, active silver filters. The Limited Sapphire Edition is produced using a similar method, and is then also filtered through the rare mineral shungite and sapphire crystals. The result is a perfectly pure vodka that you’ll love even more.

And thanks to its extra-fine taste and aroma, it’s also excellent for mixed drinks. Check out some fresh and simple recipes on our social media. Let’s go! It’s time to discover the Limited Sapphire Edition! A great surprise and a great party!

Nicolaus vodka Zafir SpritzNicolaus vodka Zafir Spritz

Sapphire Spritz

3 cl Sapphire Vodka
1 cl Base syrup
10 cl Sparkling wine/Prosecco
5 cl Soda

Directions: Pour 3 cl of Sapphire Vodka into a wine glass with ice. Then add 1 cl of base syrup, 10 cl of sparkling wine/prosecco, and then 5 cl of soda. For the perfect presentation, be sure to add lemon and mint leaves as a nice garnish.

Lavender Space

6 cl Sapphire Vodka
2 cl Lavender syrup
2 cl Lemon juice
Edible purple glitter

Directions: A round champagne glass will look great. Slowly pour in 6 cl of Sapphire Vodka, 2 cl of lemon juice, and 2 cl of lavender syrup. 1 teaspoon of purple glitter will make it radiant! Add an edible flower for a final flourish.

Nicolaus vodka Zafir Levander SpaceNicolaus vodka Zafir Levander Space

Stn Collins

Fill a long drink glass with ice and add 4cl of Sapphire Vodka. Add 2cl of lemon juice, 1.5cl of sugar syrup, and another 10cl of soda. To make your Stn Collins super-perfect, add blackberries and garnish with mint.

Sapphire Mulled Wine

Pour 2cl of Sapphire Vodka, 15cl of red wine, 2cl of base syrup, and 2cl of lemon juice into a glass. Mix well, and add a star anise and slice of lemon for the perfect pick-me-up.

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