Chocolate-flavoured party



Flavoured Nicolaus Vodkas are gaining popularity with those wanting to discover new and exciting combinations. After fruit flavours, we expanded this line with the truly ground-breaking Nicolaus Chocolate Vodka. This combines the most popular Slovak vodka with a touch of chocolate. Enjoy discovering original and delicious flavours? Then you’ll love this chocolately tipple.

A new unique flavour

Nicolaus Chocolate Vodka is produced in a similar way as the popular Nicolaus Extra Fine Vodka. From crystal clear Tatra water and fine grain spirit. The smoothest taste is ensured through filtering through active silver filters. Nicolaus Chocolate Vodka is additionally enriched with Dutch chocolate aroma, giving a natural taste and aroma.

Sweetens every party

Nicolaus Vodka is the perfect partner wherever there’s fun. And especially new Nicolaus Chocolate Vodka, which sweetens every party with a natural chocolate taste. Enjoy neat – chilled or with ice. And we recommend trying in mixed drinks, which we’ve prepared with brand ambassadors St. Nicolaus. Find some super simple tips directly below this article. Cheers!

Strawberry-Chocolate Martini

5 cl Nicolaus Chocolate Vodka
2 cl Cocoa or other chocolate liquo
1.5 cl Giffard Strawberry puree

Garnish: chocolate crust, cocoa powder on a plate

Glass:coupette glass/Martini glass

Chocolate Vodka & Tonic

5 cl Nicolaus Chocolate Vodka
10 cl Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic
Orange slice
Garnish: chocolate, orange peel

Glass: long drink glass

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